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Last Day in Ireland. For Now.

As a courtesy to our Irish and US friends Ann Marie and Yogi, all the posts from Ireland will be written in english.

We had to get up early because our flight departed from Dublin. And we were in Galway. We also had to return the rental car at the airport.



Unfortunately we forgot to settle the bill the night before, and had to wake up our landlord. Easier said than done. Luckily he woke up after a long series of pressing the door bell and knocks on the door.


The M50 is a toll road and we could pay the toll at a gas station near the airport. We also had to fill the fuel tank. But we couldn’t find the gas station. We looked, but no gas station appeared.


We ended up driving to the rental company with half tank of fuel. Big mistake. They charge a lot more pr gallon than the gas station. The rental car guy also pointed out we had a new scratch on the car, which wasn’t true. It was an old one. One that the rental car guy in Dublin also pointed out, but (clearly) failed to mention on the form.


We tried to argue but the rental car guy just ignored us. Luckily his boss had more sense, and saw it was an old scratch.

Having ditched our rental car we used the shuttle bus to the airport and checked in. We had a coffee and some sandwiches at Starbucks before we said Good-bye until next time to Yogi.


A few hours later we arrived back on Norwegian soil.