Denver, Mai Tai, Stripey and Pumpkin

As a courtesy to our Canadian friends Amiina and Neal, all the posts from Ko Lanta will be written in english.

After breakfast Amiina and Neal asked if wanted to explore the island again. Marielle had planned a day in the sun but after thinking about it she said yes. The sun is gonna be here the next few billion years anyway.

Our first stop was Lanta Animal Welfare, a center that takes care of wounded and stray animals on the island. The reason we wanted to visit the center was:

«Why not take one or two of our dogs for a walk ? All our animals are friendly and loving and like nothing more than a run on the beach or a splash in the river. Alternatively, you may want to spend some time cuddling our 20+ cats and kittens!»


Several cats met us when we arrived and we found a few super cute puppies inside the building. One of the volunteers asked if we wanted a tour on the area and of course we wanted so. We had to wait a while as they did tours on the hour, but meanwhile we could take some of the dogs for a walk. Exactly what we wanted to do.





Five minutes later we left with Denver (Vidar), Mai Tai (Marielle), Pumpkin (Amiina) and Stripey (Neal).




2013-01-20 12.10.25
Mai Tai og Denver

We walked down the road and everything was just fine til we met two little boys 30 minutes later. They shouted and whistled and was clearly unhappy with the dogs.

Both Stripey and Denver refused to walk any further. Stripey even broke loose from his collar and ran towards where we came from. After getting some distance between us and the mean boys Stripey eventually came back to us. Denver was however worried all the way back. He didn’t like Vidar very much on the way back because he probably thought Vidar took him to the boys on purpose.


Back at the center they knew about the boys. We were told that some people mistreat dogs in the cruelest ways, and that dogs are seen as filthy animals. We left the Lanta Animal Welfare after a guided tour and a donation.






Next stop was Ban Saladan, the city centre north on Ko Lanta. We strolled through the market in «Gate 1» and «Gate 2» (it’s not only Narvik who lack creativity) and bought some fruit shakes from a street vendor.


2013-01-20 13.39.20


2013-01-20 13.48.43

We continued south on the east side of the island, and we did not stop until we came to Lanta Old Town. Amiina had fallen in love with the amazing chicken we bought at the market two days earlier, and the market was supposed to be in Lanta Old town this day.

The market is a «moving market»; located in Ban Klong Nin on Fridays, Ban Saladan on Saturdays and in Lanta Old Town on Sunday. Sadly the market was over when we arrived.

Instead we drove to the nice old lady who showed us her house earlier. As mentioned the house was one part private residence and one part restaurant (Sri Restaurant) . She was very pleased when we arrived. On our way through the building she wanted us to taste some fried pork, and both Marielle, Amiina and Vidar wanted more.

The three of us ordered «Spicy fried pork salad», who turned out to be one amazing lunch. Neal ordered a spicy cucumber salad, and asked for it to be very spicy. It was very «thai spicy» and almost to spicy. He struggled violently. In addition he was given the wrong dish, but when the lady went to make a new one, Neal ate the first one as well. They were both too spicy but Neal ment both dishes were really good.

This place is highly reccomended.

Spicy fried pork salad
2013-01-20 15.22.59
Too spicy?

After lunch we continued southwards in search of Ban Sangka-Ou (Sea Gypsy Village). When we got to the end of the road we’d not seen anything resembling a gypsy village. Eventually we found a village, but it didn’t seem like anything special or exciting. The few people we saw in the village actually stared (not friendly) at us and didn’t seem to greet us with open arms at all.

Back at the hotel we ended up in the pool with a cold beer. Vidar needed a haircut and Marielle wanted a thai massage. Thus we walked accross the street to Sureewan Massage & Beauty.

Marielle granted herself one hour of aromatherapy massage with a facial. Vidar allowed a lady go wild with a scissor. This lady was most likely not a hair dresser, and he believed he had to redo the result later on.

Later that evening we met Neal and Amiina at the Drunken Sailors. Again. The food and atmosphere is fantastic at this place.


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