Hammocks and caves

As a courtesy to our Canadian friends Amiina and Neal, all the posts from Ko Lanta will be written in english.

Today we crossed out almost everything on the breakfast coupon. We had learned our lesson from yesterday. Sadly the whole wheat bread turned out to be quite white. Doh!

We had decided to rent mopeds today and on our way to breakfast we met Neal and Amiina. They would gladly join us, although Amiina was a bit sceptical. Our hotel was fresh out of mopeds but one of the tour operators across the road gave us two.

With a girl each Vidar and Neal set course for Lanta Old Town. We didn’t risk running empty and filled the fuel tank to the top.


On the way to Lanta Old Town Vidar ran over a snake, and Amiina though it looked like a poisonous one. It was a good thing he ran over it, because the snake probably had already bitten someone or was going to so. With a good conscience we drove on. We stopped briefly at Khao Yai Restaurant because it has a nice view of the east coast.


Lanta Old Town is the thai version of Cardamom Town, a small «town» in a norwegian children’s book where everyone is kind to each other.




Neither fish nor fowl
Neither fish nor fowl

Our Danish / Faroese neighbors at the hotel had recommended us to go to the Hammock House. Despite the fact we do not have the space back home to use the hammocks we bought two. Amiina also bought one and we all left the store quite satisfied.

Sleepy kitty @ Hammock House
Sleepy kitty @ Hammock House


We decided to buy a fruit shake at the store close to Hammock House. Two nice ladies owned the store. Neal staggered back and forth between lemon/lime and watermelon. He ended up with watermelon after changing his mind three times.

While waiting for our shakes one of the old ladies wanted Neal to peel papaya. Neal isn’t the man to turn down a challenge. She then gave us a tour of the building which houses a restaurant and their privat home. The building is 100 feet long and streches out in the sea. About 80 feet of the building stands on poles in the sea.






After Lanta Old Town we headed to Khao May Kaew Cave, a huge cave system located approximately in the middle of the island.


Along with five- six others we strolled into the woods with two guides. Both Amiina and Neal finds forest hiking a bit boring, and Neal has claustrophobia. This was going to be interesting.

Neal handled the claustrophobia with ease and care, although some areas was a bit more scary than others. He showed tendency to stress and sweated completely insane. Half an hour into the cave we came to a small natural pool. Lack of rain made it difficult to take a swim. The water was freezing and maybe the lack of rain was a good ting.










Inside the cave Amiina got a small fly straight into one eye, and doctor Vidar had to perform his magic. Outside the cave it happened again. Marielle got one kamikaze fly straight into the eye, and the doctor had to step in again. This fly crawled far down and almost under the eye. Two «surgeries» later the bastard was gone.


We headed back towards the entrance after the pool. But we was going to use a new exit, a tiny narrow passage where even we had trouble getting through. This was where Neal put his foot down. Everyone had gone trough, even us and our two guides. Neal however refused to use this exit, and stood on the inside with Amiina.

We ran after the guides and told them to go back. Sadly they send in the wrong one, the one who didn’t speak english. It turned out he didn’t know his way around the cave either. He actually led Neal and Amiina out on a cliff. He then left (!) the canadians while he went out to get the other guide. Neal almost went into full panic and Amiina didn’t know what to do. There was no way in hell she could hold him back.

20 minutes after the second guide went in they all came out the original entrance. Both quite sweat and nervous but relieved to be out.



On the way back to the mopeds our english-speaking guide gave us some information about the 2000 rubber trees he owned.

We wanted to visit the Lanta Animal Welfare, but we had used too much time in the cave. So we headed back towards Kantiang Bay instead.


Close by Ban Klong Nin we stopped at a fresh food market. We stopped first and foremost to take pictures, but we ended up eating our way through the market. Grilled delicious chicken, deep-fried quail and durian were some of the things we tasted. Marielle had the durian cheececake experience from Kuala Lumpur fresh in memory, but the pure fruit tasted better than it did in a cake. A small sample was still enough either way.







Back at the hotel we relaxed at the pool before a quick shower. We had made a reservation at Noon Sunset View Point Restaurant later in the evening.

The cleaning lady had folded Vidar’s clothing

We still had the mopeds but didn’t look forward to driving back in the dark. Still, the restaurant was located fairly close and some excitement is always wanted.


The view from the restaurant was absolutely stunning and the food was amazing. Marielle enjoyed a duck and Vidar tried the steak. Normally a good steak is hard to find in asia because cows are work animals and not bred for food. This steak however was very good.


In scary darkness we drove back to the village, returned the mopeds and ended the evening with a drink at the poolside.

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      • Njaaaaa har forsøkt meg i hule ved Evenes/Liland. Dryppestensgrotte som nå er stengt. Mamma var med. Har nok vært i mer komfortabelt område enn da 🙂

        • Hvis du var like lite ukomfortabel som Neal skjønner jeg at du kunne tenke deg litt mer «open space». Der snakket vi en stk stresset mann 🙂

  • Great stories and memories Vidar except for that god damn mouse hole for the exit. I had blocked that out of my mind until now. If they would have made me wait in there for a few more hours imagine the weight I could have lost! We are just booking our next years vacation and hope you guys will have time to drop in. A must see is the Maldives and we will be there early December.

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